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Healthier Bookkeeping is proud to offer our Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant services nationwide, covering all 50 United States. No matter where your business is located, we can provide a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant to handle those loathsome yet critical financial tasks.

Mobile Service Providers Need Virtual Bookkeeping

For most service industry providers, the daily repetitive financial tasks can be a source of loathing. These tasks, although critical, can become tedious and complicated. However, you understand that letting these business issues pile up is not an option. The excessive focus on paperwork can often cost your company time and money. But imagine a system where these tasks are handled efficiently, freeing up your time and energy. A Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant from Healthier Bookkeeping can create this system, helping to improve your productivity and eliminate financial management headaches.

Contact Healthier Bookkeeping to handle your Bookkeeping for Trade Professionals if you provide contracting services, construction, HVAC repairs and installations, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, or other trades to homes and businesses.

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Who We Serve

We understand the service industry, the challenges you face, and the metrics that are important to you.

We work with a variety of trade professionals, such as:

Contractors & Construction





Services in All 50 States

Most area service providers offer mobile services that deliver their expertise to various locations – we do, too! Your bookkeeping virtual assistant isn’t confined by location. We can perform our virtual bookkeeping in all 50 states and work with any CPA or EA professional you do. Everything is handled securely and privately so your company and client information remains safe.

Rest assured, our team is well-versed in every state’s tax and business laws. This ensures strict adherence to all regulations and guidelines, giving you peace of mind. Your virtual bookkeeping assistant is there when you need them, providing the same level of service as if they worked in your town!

Who Is My Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant?

Andrea Hovel, Owner of Healthier Bookkeeping

Andrea Hovel first started Healthier Bookkeeping after improving her physical health. She wanted to give back to the health professionals by helping them become financially healthier. She quickly expanded to become a signature virtual bookkeeping provider for numerous service industries and businesses nationwide.

Healthier Bookkeeping works with your company to align your unique needs and goals with your bookkeeping process. We also provide the industry-specific information you need to make better business decisions, anticipate problems, and identify opportunities you may miss with generic bookkeeping.

Our experience with numerous trade and service industries gives you an advantage. We can leverage specific industry knowledge and practices to help streamline your financial operations, increase profitability, and save precious time.

Get Your Books in Shape with Healthier Bookkeeping

Learn more about using a bookkeeping virtual assistant for your trade or service business in any state and location. See the difference an experienced industry financial specialist can make for your company.

Your Partner, Counselor, Bookkeeper

Andrea Hovel first started Healthier Bookkeeping in order to help the fitness industry with their bookkeeping needs. She had personally lost 110 pounds and wanted to find a way to give back to the trainers and nutritionists who helped her succeed. She did this by offering her expertise and skills in the financial realm.

 As her business continued to grow, she started offering her services to other industries, including service businesses.

At Healthier Bookkeeping, we will come alongside you to align your unique needs and goals with your bookkeeping process. We also provide the industry-specific information you need to make better business decisions, see problems in advance, and identify opportunities you may miss with generic bookkeeping.

Get Your Books in Shape

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