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We offer various bookkeeping services to support every stage of growth.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

We specialize in the fitness, franchise, and trade industries to cater to your business’s unique challenges and decisions. View our services below to get an idea of how we can partner with you to meet your goals.

Custom Bookkeeping

Our monthly bookkeeping services include standard categorizing and reconciling your books to ensure your financial information is in order. You can count on our services to be timely and accurate every month.
This package includes the option for a one-hour call to review your monthly report and discuss any questions. You can also expect a 24-business-hour response to any questions you may have throughout the month.
We can also perform more advanced functions like job costing or bookkeeping for multiple locations at an additional cost.


We are big proponents of education. If you don’t know much about bookkeeping or accounting but can’t afford to hire a bookkeeper, we’re here to help.
Our education services are one-on-one sessions with a professional accountant. We take the time to explain the principles and show you how you can excel at the daily accounting tasks needed to keep your business running smoothly.
Then, when your time is more profitable to you working ON your business instead of in it, we’re here to take those services off your plate.

Quickbooks Cleanup

Let us help get those out-of-control books back in shape. Our cleanup service organizes your books so you can start fresh with a clean slate.
Clean books will give you a more precise history of your financials, help you plan for the future, and give you a better chance of getting a great interest rate on a loan.
Payment plans for this service are offered for new clients.

Financial Goal Mapping & Benchmarking

This premium service is for business owners who want to track and measure their goals.
We use tools that will not only allow you to see the future of your business, but also help you identify red flags, project cash flow, and play with scenarios. That means we can help you see how your decisions affect your business before you make them and we give you a partner that will help you understand it all!
We gather industry-specific data that compare how you’re doing against other businesses like yours in your industry. Then, we’ll identify ways you’re outperforming or underperforming comparatively and suggest ways to improve. We can customize it to your business's size or even region.
Can’t quite justify putting a full-blown CFO on staff but need the same level of incite? This might be the service for you

Quickbooks Setup for New Businesses

If you aren’t familiar with Quickbooks or are afraid of setting it up incorrectly, let us take care of it.
We’ll make sure your account is set up properly and works how you need it for your business.
Having Quickbooks set up by an expert at the start of your business will prevent you from having to pay for cleanup services down the road.

Payroll Facilitation & Benefits Help

We partner with a select group of providers who offer payroll and benefits help. We can connect you with the right partner for your business, often at a discounted rate.


No. We do not have a CPA on staff, but we are happy to work with your current CPA or EA. If you don’t have one, we work with great tax professionals who can get your taxes done with minimal stress.

✔ No need to spend time visiting an office. Meetings can be done on your time, even if you’re in your pajamas.

✔ Lower cost and less time wasted than using an employee

✔ Give you the ability to make more effective and profitable decisions

✔ Provide industry-specific data to find room for your business to improve

✔ Give you tools that help you focus on operating and growing your facility revenue with a strategic financial plan

✔ Alleviate stress, save you time, organize your data, and keep you well-prepared for tax season

We have no annual contracts or hourly rates. Instead, we create a custom package for each client with a set monthly rate. Our package can be adjusted at anytime.

No. We require an engagement letter to begin work, which is simply our permission slip from you to start work. But we only require a 30-day notice to cancel at any time. We are confident in the quality of service and believe you deserve a service that works for you.

Yes. We take your financial security very seriously. Your data is encrypted and stored on a secure server, and we do not archive paper documents. We make every effort to ensure confidentiality.

We respect a 24-business-hour response time policy because your time is important to us.

Get Your Books in Shape

You focus on running your business. We’ll focus on getting you the information you need to do it. Schedule your consultation to ask us how we can help.


Consultation & Proposal

We’ll listen to your needs and help you determine what services will accomplish your goals.


Letter of Engagement

We’ll dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and sign the dotted lines with no long-term contracts. Consider this our “permission slip.”



We will gather the information we need to learn about your business, then get your books into shape.

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